Muriva Ltd. is the fastest growing wallpaper company in the UK, founded in 2010 by two industry professionals with a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. With our own design studios in the UK, France, and Germany, Muriva is able to bring exclusive designs that are right-on-trend to their customers in the UK and Eire.

Through exclusive partnerships with manufacturers in France, Germany, Italy, and the PRC, Muriva is able to choose only the best from a wide variety of different and very specific printing techniques. Since its inception, Muriva has been at the forefront in advancing the novelty and Mylar® foil vinyl wallpaper markets in the UK, and at the same time continually progresses classic wallpapers by incorporating new materials, embosses and printing methods.

We pride ourselves on being first, and on being different. We always take our inspiration from the latest researched market trends. And while we don’t limit ourselves to a certain look or style, each new collection is executed with the same attention to detail. While we don’t have a company motto, all of us at Muriva identify with this quote by Warren Buffett: „Don‘t just satisfy your customers, delight them.“