Textured Wallpaper Kinetic Texture

Design: Kinetic Texture

Product Code:

J312-04 (green)

J312-07 (cream)

J312-08 (beige)

J312-29 (dark grey)

J312-39 (light grey)

Category: Textured Wallpaper






3 comments on “Textured Wallpaper Kinetic Texture”

  1. Maryline


    I really like the Textured wallpaper Kinetic texture reference J312 -04 but how much is it per roll and where can i find it?
    Kind regards 🙂

    • Clare Shane

      Good afternoon

      Thank you for your query.

      Currently, I do not have an answer for you as this is not one of the many Kinetic items that we selected to sell in the UK. I have asked our supplier if they have any information for you but I will not hear from them until tomorrow at the earliest.

      I’m sure that I will be able to get hold of it for you and sell it to one our our trade accounts, but to enable me to do this, you would need to order the full carton of 12 rolls.

      I hope this helps for now, but I will be in touch as soon as I have a further answer for you.

      Many thanks


    • Clare Shane

      Hi there

      I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      I have now received information back from our supplier and we are struggling to get this for you.

      As our website is trade based, we can only order in to our warehouse the items that have been selected by our shop customers and as yet, this product is not one of them.

      Our supplier of this item is however advising that they can supply this to you but with a 25% premium. The contact detail of the Export Manager in France is laetitia.martel@ugepa.com

      I hope this helps

      Many thanks


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