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The textured wallpaper Esme Texture complements our classic wallpaper design Esme Trail. As the main design, it is printed on metallic foil and enhanced with distressed elements. It comes in six different colours: mink, deep mink, silver, deep silver, gold and deep gold. The lighter colour range matches the colour of the scrolls in the corresponding Esme Trail design, the darker colour range to match the colour of the background in the main design.



Design: Esme Texture

Product Code:

701331 mink

701333 silver

701334 gold

701361 heavy mink

701363 heavy silver

701364 heavy gold

Category: Textured Wallpaper

Repeat: 64 cm

Pattern Match: straight

Collection/Trend: Textured, Classic


Please note: This is a digital representation of a product which contains metallic inks. All light reflection in the images has been removed to show the pattern repeat.

10 comments on “Textured Wallpaper Esme Texture”

  1. Lucy

    Please could you tell me where I can buy the Esme in mink or heavy Mink I would like to see a sample first. I have seen the gold colour in my local B and Q but I’m interested in the mink and silver colours, but highly disappointed I can’t find it anywhere. Please could you advise me how I can obtain samples and purchase alternative colours to gold.

    My postcode is WF8 2AH

    Thank you

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Lucy,
      we have both Esme mink and heavy mink in our warehouse, but unfortunately we cannot sell directly to the public, only via retailers. Our retailers would also be able to provide you with a sample. In your area there is the Decoration Depot in Wakefield who should be able to help you with a sample. https://www.wallpaperleeds.co.uk/home
      Another option is to request a sample from an online retailer. If you enter Esme Wallpaper on ebay you will find the silver at Home Image DIY.
      The item numbers to Google are 701327 for the mink and 701361 for heavy mink.
      Hope this helps!
      Very best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  2. Hayley Walker

    Hi, please could you advise me where I can purchase the Esme in 701333 silver. My local B&Q have discontinued the silver and I can not find it anywhere. My postcode is SM4 4JP.
    Kind regards. Hayley Walker

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Hayley,
      You should be able to order this wallpaper from one of our retailers who sell online. Some to try are: Lancashire Wallpaper, Go Wallpaper, Wallpaper Central, or I Love Wallpaper. The retailer can also supply you with a sample should you require one.
      You may not find the paper on their website, but just give them a ring and I’m sure they can sort it for you.
      Hope this helps!
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

  3. Kathy Phillips

    Hi, like Hayley I have found the perfect wallpaper for my project (Esme – Siver) only to find it is out of stock everywhere!! I have tried all the sites you’ve suggested and it doesn’t even feature. I’m only after 4 rolls please, please can you help???

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Kathy,
      I can assure you we still have this paper in stock. Not all of our retailers will show all of our items on their websites, as we have more than 1,200 current items! However if you ring our retailer Lancashire Wallpaper at 01706 638431 and ask for Dean, I’m sure he can order the Esme in Silver for you. The item number is 701333. I hope this helps!
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

  4. lorraine stone


    Ive just been to B & Q and am looking for your marina silver foil texture metallic wallpaper. i think your call it esme 70133, can you please tell me where I can get it Have tried all your above contacts but no one is showing it o line.


    • Anne Mader

      Hi Lorraine,
      The Esme Texture in silver is in fact available under our item number 701333. While B&Q no longer carry it, it is available online through many independent retailers. You can try S&A Supplies, Wallpaper Depot, Amazon, Wallpaper Central, Lancashire Wallpaper, or Go Wallpaper, to name a few. While most of these retailers won’t show the item on their website, you can give them a ring and they will order it from us to be shipped to you. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  5. Clare


    I’ve tried to find Muriva foil in silver and looked on all the sites plus called the retailers named but can’t seem to find it. Have you got names of stores that have them in stock?

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Clare, I believe you are referring to the Foil Silver Texture that used to be in B&Q? B&Q have sold out of it now, but the good news is that we will produce it again for our other retailers. If you check back in about 4-5 weeks time, it should be back in stock. The item number is 601532. It is not the same as our Esme Texture. Some retailers you can pre-order it with are: Lancashire Wallpaper, Go Wallpaper, Wallpaper Central, Select Wallpaper, or I Love Wallpaper.
      Hope this helps!
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

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