Mural Wallpaper Slate Wall Muriva J872




Design: Slate Wall, J872

Product Code:

J87205 (brown)

J87207 (natural)

J87209 (grey)

Category: Mural Wallpaper

Repeat: 64 cm

Pattern Match: half drop

Collection/Trend: Mural, Modern

4 comments on “Mural Wallpaper Slate Wall Muriva J872”

  1. Gayle MacLean

    How much and can you buy online

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Gayle,
      The retail prices are set by our retailers and a lot of them do sell online. Here are some to try: I Want Wallpaper, Wallpaper Central, Go Wallpaper, or Tesco. Just search online for Muriva Slate and then the product code you require (starting with J872)
      Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  2. Moyra mc crory

    How do I get this paper

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