Mural Wallpaper Painted Brick

Design: Painted Brick

Product Code: 102539

Pattern Match: half drop

Repeat: 64 cm

Category: Mural Wallpaper

Collection/Trend: Loft

14 comments on “Mural Wallpaper Painted Brick”

    • Anne Mader

      Dear Jane, thank you for your interest! As a company we do not sell directly to consumers, but only to retailers in the UK. For a retailer near you, please call our main office at (01282) 507077. We can also direct you to an approved online retailer, if you wish.
      Very best regards
      Anne at Muriva

  1. martin

    i just buy it. look nice.

    • Anne Mader

      Thank you very much Martin. We’re glad you are enjoying your new Muriva wallpaper! It is one of our most popular designs
      Kind regards,
      Anne @ Muriva

  2. Alessandro

    I’m really interested in this model of paper. Before I’ll buy I’d like to know if it’s a “3D” model. Does it look like real bricks or it’s just a plain photographic pattern?
    Thank you

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Alessandro, thank you for your interest in our white brick wallpaper! I can confirm that it is a very realistic looking brick paper that appears three-dimensional through shading, and additional emboss. I am sure your local retailer, or any of the online retailers, would provide you with a sample if you requested it. As a manufacturer unfortunately we do not have the facility to send samples out directly to end users – we can only ship full cartons to retailers.
      Hope this information is helpful!
      Anne at Muriva

  3. Monica

    This is such a cool wallpaper, do you work with retailers in Portugal?
    Thank you so much

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Monica,
      Glad you like it! At the moment Muriva only sell to the UK and Ireland. However we have an international agency, Castle Worldwide, that distributes our wallpaper to certain countries abroad. You can find their details here:
      I am certain that they will be able to direct you to a wholesaler in Portugal who can then give you further information on retailers.
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  4. Steph

    I just purchased this wallpaper but am wondering if you can provide me with instructions for how to apply and remove the wallpaper. Thank you very much.

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Steph,
      Thank you very much for your purchase. If you look on the back of each roll label, you will find hanging instructions there. Another option is to contact the retailer where you purchased the wallpaper – they can certainly provide you with hanging instructions and advice for not only Muriva products, but any kind of wallpaper.
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  5. Andrea

    Love this! Do you have retailers in USA? Can you recommend on line retailers?

    Thank you!


    • Anne Mader

      Hi Andrea,
      We currently don’t have distribution in the U.S., but I recommend that you contact an online wallpaper retailer in the UK who might be willing to ship to the U.S.
      Some of our online retailers are: Lancashire Wallpapers, Go Wallpaper, I Love Wallpaper, I Want Wallpaper, or Wallpaper Central.
      Hope this helps!
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

  6. Paul

    Can these wallpaper be used in a bathroom? Thankyou

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Paul,
      We suggest you use the vinyl version of this design, Muriva item number J66529, which is widely available with online retailers. Vinyl wallcoverings can be used in bathrooms, provided they are not in any direct contact with water / splashes. We recommend you use a good quality, ready-mixed adhesive to apply the wallcovering. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

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