Mural Wallpaper NYC in Frames




After successfully introducing paper ranges featuring framed black-and-white photographs, Muriva have taken this concept to the next level by using heavyweight vinyl substrate and metallic foil as a base. The result are two new designs with an amazing realistic and dimensional look:  NYC in Frames is a concept that uses black-and-white photographs of New York City, but also some blank frames with a mirror effect. City in Frames comprises of black-and-white paintings of city life set in detailed, decorative picture frames with a brushed metal feel. The background is a fine vertical texture which mimics dense strands of silk, and is enriched with metallic details and fine glitter. Both designs, and the coordinating heavyweight texture, are available in pearl, silver, and soft gold.



Design: NYC in Frames

Product Code:

701335 pearl
701336 silver
701337 soft gold

Category: Mural Wallpaper

Pattern Match: half drop

Repeat: 64 cm

Collection/Trend: Mural, Modern

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