Modern Wallpaper Live Laugh Love Muriva 1315

This design displays lovingly collected memorabilia in wooden frames: A vintage postcard sent from Paris, a photograph of a rose in full bloom, seemingly random images that form the words Live Laugh Love, dimensional hearts of check fabric and raffia, and a detailed illustration of butterflies. The background is made up of washed-out driftwood panels and faded handwriting. The range includes blue, pink, purple and red colourways.


Design: Live Laugh Love, 1315

Product Code:

131501 (pink)

131502 (blue)

131503 (red)

131504 (purple)

131505 (plain calligraphy)

Category: Modern Wallpaper

Repeat: 64 cm

Pattern Match: straight match

Collection/Trend: Modern






2 comments on “Modern Wallpaper Live Laugh Love Muriva 1315”

  1. Edward

    Hi I purchased this wallpaper from a store in the uk I can no longer get this and need one more roll the pattern is 131504 purple batch d how do I get some more.

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Edward,
      If your local wallpaper retailer is unable to help you, this paper is widely available online, for example at I suggest you call them and ask them if they can get batch D for you. I know they will certainly try their best. Another option is to order a roll of a newer batch and then judge (without removing the shrink wrap) if the match is close enough for you. If not, the retailer will usually let you return the unopened roll.
      Very best regards,
      Anne at Muriva

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