• Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Silver&Gunmetal 701414

Metallic Wallpaper Amelia Floral

Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Silver&Gunmetal 701414

Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Charcoal&Rose 701411

Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Duck Egg Blue 701412

Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Gold 701413

Floral Wallpaper Amelia Floral Silver 701414 Roomshot

Design: Amelia Floral

Product Code:

701410 (Stone & Rose)

701411 (Charcoal & Rose)

701412 (Duck Egg Blue)

701413 (Gold)

701414 (Silver & Gun Metal)

Category: Floral Wallpaper

Repeat: 64 cm

Pattern Match: half drop

Collection/Trend: Floral; Metallic; Luxury, Modern

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24 comments on “Metallic Wallpaper Amelia Floral”

  1. Karen

    Where can I purchase your Amelia Floral Stone & Rose and your rosegold sparkle, I live in Southport?
    Many thanks

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Karen,
      Two of our retailers in Southport are Forest Road Wallpaper and Dulux Decorator Centre, however not all retailers carry all of our items (we have more than 1,000!) so it is safer to ring them first. Both Amelia products (floral and texture) are widely available online though. They can ship directly to your home, and also supply samples should you require them. Some retailers to try are: Wallpaper Central, Lancashire Wallpaper, Price Right Home, I Love Wallpaper, Go Wallpaper, or Amazon. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  2. Alan

    We have bought 5 rolls of Amelia floral silver pattern 701414 batch A01 and need 3 more. Can you tell us where we can source these please preferably in the Nottingham area. Will travel though!

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Alan,
      If you could please email our main office at info@muriva.com, I’m sure they will be able to help you with your request. I am currently on annual leave and don’t have access to our systems.
      Thank you!
      Anne at Muriva

  3. Chrisine

    hi am looking to purchase this design can you tell me if there are any stockists in coventry . thankyou .

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Christine,
      Sorry for the delay in replying; I was on annual leave this past week. In Coventry our stockists are B&M Home Stores, Wallpaper Warehouse and Home Image; however please ring them beforehand as not all retailers stock all colourways of this design. Alternatively you can order it online – just google Muriva Amelia Floral and the product code. The retailer can also send you a sample.
      Kind regards,
      Anne at Muriva

  4. Sue

    I need one more roll of ameila floralsilver / gun metal batch A13 (couture) is there any store who stocks this in bury manchester.
    Awaiting your kind reply

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Sue,
      Your best option would be to contact a retailer who can order a single roll for you and make a batch request. In the Manchester area there are: Lancashire Wallpapers or Go Wallpaper, or Wallpaper Central in Blackburn. You can order by phone and they can ship directly to your home. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  5. Dean

    Is there are recommended paste to put up this wallpaper, as the edges keep curling.

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Dean,
      In our experience, when wallpaper edges curl, it means that self-mix paste was used, which possibly was mixed too thin / watery. Possibly the soaking time in watery paste has altered the structure of the paper as well.
      We recommend a good quality, ready-mixed wallpaper adhesive for heavyweight vinyls. I’m sure the retailer you purchased the paper from will have a good brand in stock. Where vinyl wallpapers overlap, you can also use a vinyl overlap and seam adhesive. Hope this is helpful.
      Kind regards,
      Anne at Muriva

      • David

        Hi I have just hung 4 rolls of your Amelia floral and used heavy duty wallpaper adhesive plus sized walls prior and still had edges curl I also let them soak for 5 mins and 8 mins and still had curling edges. I am a professional decorator and never had problems like this with any other wallpaper before

        • Anne Mader

          Hi David,
          I’m sorry you experienced problems with curling edges with the Amelia Floral. It is one of the heaviest vinyls available, and it will require either ready mixed heavy duty vinyl adhesive, or border adhesive for the edges.
          If you have used those, and you feel you cannot complete the job with the batch you have purchased, please take all unopened rolls back to the retailer where you purchased them from. Please also bring the label of the roll you have already hung. Lastly please let the retailer know the adhesive you used, and the soaking time. The retailer can then start a returns procedure with us.
          Kind regards,
          Anne at Muriva

        • Anne Mader

          Sorry David, I forgot to mention, our hanging instructions indicate to hang only 3 strips and then evaluate if the result looks the way you want. So I’m not sure if the retailer will accept a return for the 4 rolls you already hung. Probably best to speak to them personally and explain the situation.

  6. Flo

    Absolutely shocking wallpaper! Tried in vain to hang this,but admitted defeat.I used ready mixed paste,left it 6-8 mins,walls sized and clean,but it just will not stick.I am an extremely competent decorator and have never experienced anything like this.Foolishly i opened a second roll to see if it was just a bad roll,but not only did this not stick,it didn’t match up to the first even though batch numbers matched,so disappointed to have wasted so much money,will be returning the 3 unopened rolls,but really feel you should withdraw this from sale and compensate people for the money wasted on the rolls they cannot return.
    Definitely will not purchase anything made by you again,lesson learned.

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Flo,
      I’m so sorry you experienced problems when hanging this wallpaper. I can assure you that we have sold thousands of rolls of this paper and the fault rate has been very low. When we do get a complaint, it usually has to do with the paste or soaking time, which you say you ensured were correct. When you return your 3 unopened rolls to the retailer, you can also return the labels of the 2 rolls you already used and claim for them. Please also take some photos with your phone and show the retailer. The retailer can then assess the situation and, if for example the paper is out of register, start a returns procedure with us. You can also contact our main office at info@muriva.com to make them aware of the faulty rolls. Please indicate when and where you purchased the rolls, and email the photos you took of the fault.
      Thank you
      Anne at Muriva

  7. Flo

    Thanks for the reply,looks like i am stuck with £100worth of wallpaper! Due to our bungalow being in total chaos from renovations,the receipt has been misplaced,the retailer B&M will not even consider any refund,crefit note or help whatsoever,so i now have 3 unopened rolls of £20/roll paper sitting doing nothing and have spent another £100 or more wallpaper.Angry doesn’t come close

  8. Susan Swingwood

    Do you recommend that lining paper is put up 1st or is it better to just put it into bare walls?

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Susan,
      I have just checked with our quality assurance manager and we definitely recommend using lining paper first. Please also use a good quality, heavy duty, ready-mixed adhesive for vinyl wallpapers, and observe the soaking time recommended on the label. I hope this helps!
      Kind regards,
      Anne at Muriva

  9. Vicky donaldson

    Hi I am looking for someone who stocks Amelia floral duck egg blue wallpaper. I stay in North Lanarkshire area. Harry Corry thought they stocked it but after nearly 3wks of emailing they have just got in contact to say the wrong photo was advertised. Could you please let me know where stocks it & that way I can see it first to make sure that it is the correct colour that I’m looking for. Or if possible I could get a sample. Thanks.

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Vicky,
      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get a response from Harry Corry. At this point, your best option is to order the paper from one of our online retailers. They can also provide you with a sample beforehand, if you wish, and can ship directly to your home. Some retailers to try are: Go Wallpaper, Wallpaper Central, Lancashire Wallpapers, I Love Wallpaper, or I Want Wallpaper. Hope this helps! When you come to hanging the wallpaper, we recommend that you use a heavy duty, ready mixed pasted for heavyweight vinyls from a good brand. Please also note the required soaking time indicated on the label. The wallpaper is a very high quality, heavyweight vinyl with a solid layer of Mylar foil, so it really requires following these recommendations. I’m sure you will love the end result!!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  10. Des Taylorson

    I am just about to order Amelia 701410 and i noticed the pattern match is a half drop, how many rolls will I need when the actual wall area totals 32m m2 with no wastage allowed for?

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Des,
      Unfortunately we can’t provide guidance on this, as it depends on many factors such as wall height, width, windows, architectural features in the room, etc. What we can suggest is using a wallpaper calculator, which are widely available online. Here is an example of one: https://www.amara.com/wallpaper/calculator
      Also the roll label will tell you how many square metres a roll covers if there was no wastage.
      Anne at Muriva

  11. Nicola

    I can not beleive how expensive this wallpaper is and yet it looks tacky when up as the wallpaper wont stick at the edges
    my decorater who put it up said they have never experienced wallpaper like it spent over £140 and it looks arwful
    and before i get a responce about the guidelines the gudielines were followed correctly very experienced decorater

    • Anne Mader

      Dear Nicola,
      Sorry to hear that your decorator has experienced problems in getting the edges of the paper to stick. You say that they followed the instructions on the label – at what point did they notice the problem? Because we indicate to hang 3 lengths first to check if you are satisfied with the result before you proceed?
      If they have done as stated and you believe there is a manufacturing fault with the product (and no issue with the seam adhesive), then please take your unopened rolls, along with the labels from the opened rolls, back to the retailer where you purchased the product. The retailer will assess the situation and contact us on your behalf. Of course we will replace any faulty product to the retailer, who can in turn replace it for you.
      Anne at Muriva

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