• Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Blue L11901

Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Muriva L119

Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Blue L11901

Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Soft Pink L11903 / 571903
L11903 / 571903

Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Green L11904

Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Pink L11913

Design: Hydrangea

Product Code:

L11901 (blue)

L11903 / 571903 (soft pink)

L11904 (green)

L11913 (pink)

Category: Floral Wallpaper; Modern Wallpaper; Mural Wallpaper

Repeat: 53 cm

Pattern Match: random

Collection/Trend: Floral; Modern; Mural

2 comments on “Floral Wallpaper Hydrangea Muriva L119”

  1. Hazel McFarlane

    How do I buy this ?

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Hazel,
      We have recently discontinued this product, but may have some stock left on some of the colourways. To order, your best option is to contact one of our retailers, such as Wallpaper Central, Lancashire Wallpaper, I Want Wallpaper, or Go Wallpaper. They can order the product in for you.
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

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