Floral Wallpaper Brigitte Muriva 601553

Design: Brigitte

Product Code: 601553 (multi)

Category: Floral Wallpaper

Repeat: 53 cm

Pattern Match: half drop

Collection/Trend: Floral; Modern

4 comments on “Floral Wallpaper Brigitte Muriva 601553”

  1. Krystyna Hall

    Hi, I am looking to source a few rolls of the muriva brigitte black floral wallpaper.. I would be happy to pay postage if you are able to supply, many thanks

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Krystyna,
      I can confirm that we have this paper in stock. Not knowing where you’re based, your best option is to contact one of our online retailers, and arrange for the paper to be shipped to you. Some retailers to try are: I Love Wallpaper, Go Wallpaper, Lancashire Wallpaper, or Wallpaper Central. Even if a particular retailer does not show this paper on their website, they can order it from us and have it shipped to your home. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

  2. Katrina

    Is the Brigette 601553 still available to buy?

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Katrina,
      I believe my colleague Cheryl has already replied to you via info@muriva.com? Please let me know if you need any more information on where to order the design.
      Kind regards,
      Anne at Muriva

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