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    • Anne Mader

      Hi Michelle,
      As a manufacturer, we do not set the prices to the public; this is done by our retailers. However you could search online by typing “Muriva Angelica” into Google and you will see several offers appear. The standard retail price seems to be about £11.99 per roll. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

  1. annie harper

    hello,i was wondering if you have any angelica beige I could order as the shop is 2rolls short and there not getting any more in? its batch k…

    • Anne Mader

      Hi Annie,
      Just to confirm, do you mean the floral trail in natural, 126103? I can confirm that we have 119 rolls of this in stock. We are unable to sell directly to the public, but if you contact our retailer, Lancashire Wallpapers, they can order the 2 missing rolls for you and also request batch K. If you ring 01706 638431 and ask for Dean, he will be able to help!
      Best wishes,
      Anne at Muriva

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