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Classic Wallpaper Alessandra Muriva Cream





Our classic wallpaper design Alessandra comprises of a large scroll, enhanced by a horizontal texture, which sits on a heavy vertical texture that is further enlivened by calligraphy script in mica ink. Metallic details and glitter add precious touches throughout the design, giving it a luxurious look and feel. Now available in black, cream, bronze, and silver. The coordinating Alessandra Stripe features the same textural and metallic details as the scroll design, and is available in cream, bronze, and silver.



Design: Alessandra Scroll

Product Code:

132101 (cream)

132102 (bronze)

132103 (silver)

132104 (black)

Category: Classic Wallpaper

Repeat: 64 cm

Pattern Match: half drop

Collection/Trend: Classic

Please note: This is a digital representation of a product which contains metallic inks. All light reflection in the image has been removed to show the pattern repeat.

2 comments on “Classic Wallpaper Alessandra Scroll”

  1. Lisa atkinson

    Hi I really want the black with neutral scroll and can’t find it anywhere. I ordered it from gowallpaper but it arrived being black with silver scroll and the script was unreadable and nothing like the picture. Where can I get the black with neutral scroll and script thanks Lisa

    • Anne Mader

      Hello Lisa,
      The image you are referring to is our black and silver colourway. We actually don’t have a black and neutral colourway? It probably appears “neutral” because metallic ink, when scanned and digitized, shows up “flat” on a computer screen. The only way to get the true effect is from an actual wallpaper sample. But the metallic effect is mentioned in Go Wallpaper’s description. If you don’t like the metallic scrolls, you can certainly contact Go Wallpaper and ask them about their return policy. I’m sorry that we don’t offer the paper you were looking for.
      Best wishes
      Anne at Muriva

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